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Coffee and craft beer that are out of this world

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The craft beer, whiskey and coffee shop that sells pizza in a climbing gym.


1. the highest or most distant peak; climax.
2. Astronomy. the point in the orbit of a heavenly body which it is farthest from the earth.

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We know you have numerous great options for coffee which is why we want to make sure you enjoy your cup.  We have what you need, whether it is half and half or some simple syrup to sweet it up.  Its your cup, so enjoy and drink up.

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We offer tasty pastries along side some more healthy options to get your morning off to the right start, whether that’s a cinnamon roll, breakfast burrito or overnight oats. Our lunch and dinner options span from personal sized pizzas and a salad, to a hot sandwich or a large 16 inch pizza to share.

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We have chosen list of craft beers, from local to national breweries, to hit any palette. A list of IPAs, wheats, sours, lagers will await you at the bar. We also offer great draft cocktails if you are looking for something a little different. Apogee has a finely curated whiskey, bourbon and rye selection for you to choose your next pour from. Cheers.

Not just coffee – our pizza is out of this world.

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